HAPPY 2018 EVERYONE!!! Can anyone else hardly believe its already the New Year again?? It seriously feels like we were just celebrating 2017! This past year feels like it flew by!  The years just seem to keep getting shorter and shorter!  Especially now that I'm a Mom!! My whole life people have always told me it goes by in a blink of an eye...and they were right! I can't believe how fast my baby boy is growing!! it seems like he gets bigger & bigger & learns something new everyday!! It's seriously so sad to me that he'll never be a teeny tiny newborn again!  Life goes by so fast and its so easy to miss out on the things that God has for you and your family!!!

This year i really want to focus on bettering myself and my family!! I want to be the best me that I can be so that I can pour into my family and those around me! Here are three things I'm focusing  on in 2018!!



First things first, give each day to God!! If I'm not going to God and giving him my first moments & counting on him to fill me up each day, how am I going to pour into others?? If I am running dry I have nothing to give my husband and baby boy!! For me to be my best self and give my family everything I have to offer, I have to be going to God & counting on him to fill me with his spirit and his grace daily! I love the First Five app by Proverbs 31 woman!! It helps me to give those first moments to God by giving me a little devotion to read each day, and the app is so easy to use!!!



I believe positivity is 100% a choice! There is so much negativity in the world today, and I don't know about you...but  I don't want to be apart of it!!! No one enjoys being around a debbie downer, right?? I love being around people that lift me up and have a positive outlook on life, they,re like a breath of fresh air!! I truly believe that choosing positivity is one of the best steps you can take to better yourself & those around you!!! So lets sprinkle positivity everywhere we go this New Year!!!



I'm deciding that this year, and every year to come, fear has no place!!! This is one of my biggest struggles! Whether it's fear of failing, being afraid of what others think, or fearful of a situation, it always it always seems to be the number one thing that holds me back!! Fear consumes so much of our lives!!! When I let fear enter my heart,it not only  keeps me from reaching my goals...but it keeps me from from living out God's calling on my life!!! So i'm leaving fear behind this year!!!

I'd love to hear all your New Years resolutions & goals, leave them in the comments below!!!


xo, Allison