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Staying active and working out is so important to me! I was a dancer for 14 years so being active was a big part of my life and now that I no longer dance I have to put in a little more effort to keep my body moving! I have always preferred working out at home over the gym, but since becoming a new Mom I don't have same luxury of running to the gym anytime I want! Today I'm sharing my top 7 favorite at home workouts! There's a few of my go-to workouts I've been loving for years and some new ones I've recently discovered!

30-Minute Cardio Dance and Yoga Hybrid Take Flight//

This is one of my fav workouts right now! It's such a fun mix of dance and yoga and really makes you sweat! Plus the trainer is amazing and so inspiring! She makes me want to jump and get my body moving! So not only do I just get a great workout, but I also get a little inspirational pick-me-up too!

45-Minute Workout From Selena Gomez's Trainer to Tone and Sculpt Your Entire Body//

This workout is intense and will leave you sore for days! I love this workout because it incorporates a lot of new moves I've never seem before, which keeps it fun and fresh while also bringing on the burn!

This Full-Body Barre Workout Keeps You Moving While You Sculpt//

Growing up I was a dancer so this barre workout is right up my ally! I love the combination of dance, pilates, & yoga, it sculpts and stretches your body! The routine and music makes me feel like I'm right back in dance class!


On those days I'm short on time I'll do this fun bollywood inspired dance workout! It is seriously so much fun and gets your body moving! The first time I did this workout I was questioning if I missed my calling as a bollywood dancer!

Feel-Good, Feel-Strong Yoga//

If you love yoga but are looking for something with a bit more burn, this workout is for you! This yoga routine gets your heart pumping and muscles working! It will leave your body feeling strong and sore!


This is a go to workout for me! It gets the arms and the booty burning, but is still low impact! Great for those days when your not in the mood to jump around!

Killer 30-Minute Cardio-Boxing and Core Workout//

I am definitely not the boxing type, but I love this workout because it makes me feel strong and challenges my body in a new way!

Xo Allison.